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Privacy Policy

The security of the personal information that you provide to us is extremely important. The following privacy policy governs the collection and use of your personal information by Leaseworks Australia Pty Ltd . This privacy policy sets out our commitment to your rights to privacy in accordance the Privacy Act 1988.

How do we collect personal information about you?

We may collect personal information from you directly by telephone, fax, post or email via our website. We may also receive information from a third party such as a company in relation to providing you with the relevant information in relation to engaging our services on your behalf.

What types of personal information do we collect for the services that we may provide you with?

We will collect personal information about you to enable us to provide you with our services and to complete your request in relation to your automotive requirements. Normally we will obtain your name, and contact details such as your telephone number, email address and address as well any direct information required to ensure that you are provided with the optimum level of service from our company.We may ask that you provide us with certain details regarding your potential purchase so that we may complete our obligation to you to source the vehicle of your choice at the lowest possible price. You have the right not to provide us with information that you may feel is not relevant to engaging our services but this may restrict us in our ability to assist you with your enquiry.

How do we use your personal information?

We may use the personal information provided to us to complete certain requirements under our obligation such as completing the relevant forms associated to our business dealings on your behalf such as but not limited order forms and quote requests and applications.We may also use this information for our own administrative requirements and for our marketing and research requirements or to conduct our day to day business requirements.You may notify us if you wish us to cease our communication with you by telephone, fax or email.

Is your information ever disclosed to a third party?

Your personal information will only be provided to a third party if it is necessary to complete the transaction you have engaged from our company and to provide the necessary details on your behalf to register motor vehicles that you may purchase to motor vehicle dealerships or for delivery of that vehicle.We may also provide your information if it has been specifically requested by you to assist you in the completion of your requested service such as to a finance company or financial institution if you wish us to source you a competitive finance structure. We will not disclose your personal information to anyone else unless required to by statute.

How can you access your personal information?

You may at anytime request us to provide you with the personal information we may hold about you. The standard anticipated return of this information will be within 28 days of your request.If for any reason you believe that the information we hold about you is incomplete or incorrect you must notify us immediately so that this information about you may be amended.

How is your personal information stored?

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that all your personal information is secure and will not be lost or accessed unlawfully.

How can you contact us?

Any enquiries relating to your personal information may be made via our website or by calling our office on 1300 85 11 20. You may also
contact us by email at enquiry@extendednewcarwarranty.com.au